A Transcontinental Team & One Stop Service

Paul-Woodhouse先生-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Co-Founder Paul Woodhouse

Two minds. One vision

Global trading is nothing new and has been a part of economic life for millennia. However, the immense surge of new technologies and transport systems over recent times has heralded new opportunities for trade hitherto inconceivable. In particular, the emergence of China as a market maker and exporter has added yet another dimension to immense opportunities. China’s open door policy is evidenced by the recent launch of the “One Belt One Road” initiative encouraging the free flow of trade. In 2015, Paul Woodhouse and Liu Xiaoming met and discovered they shared the same vision for bilateral trade opportunities between the two nations. Over the ensuing years Trade XL has matured to the extent it has established two offices in China together with a base in the UK and operated by a team of 14 dedicated people.

Liu Xiaoming-刘晓明先生-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Co-Founder Liu Xiaoming

Two countries. One planet

Liu Xiaoming is the CEO of Trade XL’s sister company, Westland Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd. He has developed and promoted the interests of the two companies in China at the same time nurturing and expanding the supply and procurement network through Associates across China. He oversees all departments and has developed strong ties with leading promotional and advertising agencies and networks which has enabled access by UK SME’s to low cost, efficient and reliable routes to market. He has also ensured that UK companies seeking Chinese products and services have confidence in purchasing in the knowledge that all Chinese suppliers we engage with are scrutinised for honest and reliable trade and provide quality commodities and keen prices. Although our focus and expertise are in bilateral trade between China and the UK, we have also built contacts internationally and are developing that component of our trade network adding further opportunities for our trade partners.

Zhengzhou Office-郑州办公室-国内产品部-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Office

Identifying and Developing Opportunities

Our business model has always recognised that the fundamental precondition of success in trading between the two continents relies heavily on understanding the culture, business methodology and complexities and, of course, language. We have a good blend of skills in the team comprising business and language graduates and good old fashioned business experience

Global Supply Chain Service-全球供应链服务-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Global Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain and Logistics Services

We work closely with DeutscheBahnAG Schenker and coordinate logistics operations between our warehousing facilities and them, handling cargos by air and sea. We are also monitoring with interest the new rail service facility between China and the UK. We also handle movement of goods via Hong Kong. Regardless of the direction of the movement of goods, we can deal with all Customs matters, tariffs and clearances. Another service we provide is a drop shipping facility

China Market Distribution-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Excellent Distributor in China 2017

Brand promotion & Distribution in China

China is well known for its extensive geographical size and the immense population. What is not widely understood is the diverse demographic profile of its population. Only by understanding this can brand promotion and market penetration in the territory be effective. The road to brand penetration is littered with well documented and costly failures. What also is not understood is China’s massive social media network and the immense influence it has on the market. Although we have experience of all the well-known platforms and KA channels, we have a wide network of NRC’s (New Retail Channels) which not only gives extensive coverage it is financially attractive to use and presents a better risk profile particularly to new brands and SME’s

Frontline of Global Market-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Vortek Ebike with a Smooth Cutting Edge Design

Innovative and Inspirational Design

Vortek is one of our own brands and was created by working closely with a Chinese manufacturer of vision and high standards of engineering. We are passionate about quality products and ensure that the factories we use for our own brands or where we are commissioned to procure products for others, we undertake a full assessment of the manufacturer we propose using. We engage fully with both the factory and the commissioner to ensure that standards of design, quality and budget are met