International Business Builder-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Evolution of the Chinese Market

The Chinese market is full of potential but a highly competitive arena. Its gigantic population of 1.3 billion people could be confusing and misleading to some newcomers to this place. For gaining a success there, spotting the pool of potential customers and defining your market out of this population consisting of all kinds of classes is the prerequisite. With our insight and hands-on experience, TXL can certainly give you a hand if you plan to tap into the Chinese market

A New Era of Globalisation

Technology innovation, industrial design update along with rigorous quality improvement and cost optimisation, these factors are crucial for equipping competitiveness in a product under the wave of the new era of globalisation. In each project, TXL carries out these guidelines thoroughly through product design to marketing strategy, to stand out in this crowded global market

Why TXL?

  • Transcontinental Team:
    Poor communication, payment security, culture and time difference are some perpetual vices among international businesses. By working with our professional and efficient transcontinental team, not only can it save you a great amount of time also helps you be immune to all above dangers and distractions which enables you to have a greater and better concentration on your core businesses
  • NRC in the Chinese Market:
    The Chinese market changes and evolves at a fast pace. With more products rushing into it via traditional KA channels, the newcomers have to manoeuvre smartly in order to gain a foothold at a comparatively low cost. With it’s emerging merits, we have adopted NRC(New-Retail Channel) for a few years for the sake of brand awareness building and products distribution. With our network and knowledge in this field, we believe that having a light bespoke marketing and brand promotion plan, beyond KA channels, can be a good start for your business
  • A Full Supply Chain:
    Similar to Buckets Effect, we believe the success and sustainability of a business depend on its weakest link. Unlike many typical Chinese broker companies who mainly are price driven, at TXL we optimise every aspect of the project we take on to the best, no matter its products design, quality monitor, cost control or logistics, in order to produce the best competitiveness
  • Pladis(United Biscuits)

    TXL has been appointed as official distributor of Pladis(United Biscuits) in China and Hong Kong since 2016

    Appointment as Official Distributor of Pladis(United Biscuits) in Greater China-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd
  • Brand Promotion

    Brand introduction to Counsellor Jin Xu at 11th Henan International Investment Fair

    Products Display to Counsellor Jin Xu-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd
  • Farmhouse Biscuits

    TXL formed a strategical business relationship with Farmhouse Biscuits regarding the development of the Chinese market

    Business Meeting with Farmhouse Biscuits Limited-来自大不列颠的优质品质-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd